Friday, February 20, 2009

Unit: The Civil Rights Movement

Essential Questions

How did Jim Crow Laws change the rights African-Americans gained in the Civil War Amendments?

What changes did Dr. Martin Luther King bring to the Civil Rights Movement?

Did separate schools in the early 20th century need to be changed?

How did the nonviolent protests change the minds of Americans who resisted change in race relations?

How did Park's refusal to give up her seat make African-Americans feel they could force change in America and South Carolina?


  1. Thanks for your first post. Without a unit summary it is somewhat difficult to give you guidance; I am assuming your first question is your essential question, then unit question, then content questions. This order of questioning goes from very broad big ideas down to standards based content that have specific answers. Based entirely on the title and probable grade level, your big idea focus might be change or freedom or possibly fairness (equality). Therefore some possible essential questions might be:
    Why should I change?
    Is freedom really free?
    How can I be fair to everyone?

  2. I like your topic
    I think you need to be less specific on your essential questions.
    The questions you gave seem to be more of the unit type questions