Tuesday, March 24, 2009


How do I assess student learning?
I will assess student learning by making sure that my lessons are well developed and presented in a manner that students gain understanding.
On the blog student were assessed on if they understood the impact of their participation and their ability to communicate why or why not they would participate in the March on Washington.

How do I involve students in the assessment process?
I would involve students in this process by role-playing. I would let them be the teacher and decide what grade they would give each other on the blog entries. They would have to explain the rationale for their grade.


  1. Role play is not something that anyone so far has mentioned. Can you explain further how this might help you assess the students better?

  2. I like the idea of letting the students be the teacher and assess each other. It is a great idea to have them explain the rationale for the grade that they award each student.

  3. I like the role playing evaluation. How does the student know what you are grading them on?